STM32 toolchain for Windows

STM32 Toolchain for windows – Using CubeMX with GCC, Make and OpenOCD

This is the first video on the EmbeddedGeek channel. In this video, I show you my setup for working with STM32 projects under windows. In the video I use a Nucleo-F091RC devboard from ST, but this tutorial could be followed using any devboard with a builtin ST-Link and an onboard LED.

In the video the following is shown:

  • Create a makefile project for the Nucleo-F091RC devboard using the STM32CubeMX tool from ST-Microelectronics
  • Download and install the required software
  • Add the executables to the system path
  • Compile the project using the installed Toolchain
  • Add make target for flashing the device using OpenOCD and the on-board ST-Link V2 on the Nucleo board.
  • Install git – the included git-bash contains the rm command required for the make clean target to work
  • Initialize a git repository in the project and push to GitHub

This video will be followed up by another one showing how to build onto this toolchain with Visual Studio Code for code editing and debugging.

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